7 Amazing Benefits Of Yarrow Essential Oil

yarrow essential oil for wounds
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Known As Achillea Millefolium

Yarrow essential oil is used to treat a wealth of allergies while also providing various other health benefits such as stress relief. You can recognize it easily by its stunning deep blue shade and sweet smell. When it comes to other essential oils, this stands alone in its unique appeal and overall beauty.

There's even a lovely story related to the name. Yarrow is known biologically as "Achillea millefolium." The first half of that pertains to the famous Greek warrior Achilles, who famously used the herb to treat wounds during major battles. Blood flow can easily be staunched by yarrow. As such, its essential oil is ideal for wound treatment; it also has many other benefits, including the following listed below.

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1Cramp And Spasm Relief

Anyone that has suffered from spasms should be very familiar with how dangerous they are. Extreme contractions within the body can lead to a number of harmful accidents and major ailments. Spasms within the respiratory system are especially harmful given the long, excruciating coughs that often tend to follow.

If spasms occur in the intestines, dire abdominal pain is sure to follow. Cramping will also crop up within the muscles. The only means of dealing with all of these issues is to stop the contractions. Yarrow essential oil is, fortunately, very potent in providing relaxation for the effects of spasms throughout every facet of the body.

 benefits of yarrow oil

2Bacterial Infection Prevention

Even the most highly touted over-the-counter antiseptic solutions fail to compare to yarrow's ability to prevent infections. It can keep any wound from turning septic and stop bacteria, viruses, and fungus in their tracks. After application, wounds are essentially given a protective coating that will activate blood platelets in order to stop any microbial invasion. The oil can even kill fungus and bacteria outright, adding further protection.

Infection is essentially an invasion upon your body by external agents that then spread toxins that begin growing at an accelerated rate. Infectious diseases (AKA communicable and transmissible diseases) stem directly from infections of this ilk. There is, unfortunately, no shortage of potential infectious agents in the world such as nematodes like pinworms, viroids, bacteria, viruses, prions, and parasitic creatures run wild, but yarrow can stop them all.

 yarrow oil for skin

3For Healthy Digestion

Essential oil from yarrow can improve your digestion greatly. Your body's natural digestive fluid will be produced at a more consistent rate after use, and key organs such as the liver will be running at maximum capacity. This is especially helpful since it's so easy to take such aspects of your health for granted as we get wrapped up in our day-to-day lives.

Just take a look at how many people forego a healthy diet because they're too busy or tired to put effort into cooking a balanced meal. Digestive health is almost always affected in these scenarios, and the effects and resulting conditions tend to catch up to people at some point or another. If you've ever been constipated or bloated, had uncomfortable gas or intestinal pressure, or even stricken with hemorrhoids, you should know very well just how important it is to take proper care of your digestive health.

 benefits of yarrow oil

4Inflammation And Pain Reduction

Yarrow essential oil also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can deal with inflammation of virtually all types. That includes respiratory tract, nasal cavity, digestive system, circulatory system, and bloodstream inflammation; from the common cold to unhealthy eating, this is true no matter the cause.

The cardiovascular system within your body must take nutrients and oxygen from every single cell. It encompasses every blood vessel that runs throughout the body as well as the heart. Your arteries take blood from the heart itself, and the veins carry it back inside. Think of it like a tree and consider how essential the health of the entire system must be. Issues such as inflammation can greatly taint this system; as such, it's important to have tools such as yarrow oil to keep everything in check.

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5Muscle And Tissue Contraction

Have you ever seen the toothpaste advertisement that claims it acts as an astringent powerful enough to tighten loose gums? A similar property is present in yarrow. It works as an astringent that can bring forth beneficial contractions within the blood vessels, tissues, and muscles. This has proven absolutely essential for a lot of individuals over the years.

When the gums are properly contracted, it allows the teeth to remain secure. Contractions within your scalp or hair follicles can likewise keep your hair healthy and plentiful. Yarrow essential oil works much the same, providing the exact contractions needed within your muscles and tissues to prevent issues such as sagging skin. As championed by Achilles so many years ago, it even strengthens blood vessels in the same manner.

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6Proper Blood Circulation

Yarrow is also very beneficial for blood circulation, making it a favorite among those suffering from arthritis. It will prevent uric acid from building up within the joints and muscles, easing arthritis and rheumatism greatly. These kinds of toxins are also helped along on their journey out of the body via sweat.

Arthritis is essentially a painful inflammation within your joints. It has many potential causes, and the treatments are just as varied. Despite the commonality, it also often goes untreated as people tend to ignore the problem; the effects can be extremely uncomfortable even for those who have sought help, and luckily, yarrow oil has been among the most effective treatments.

 how to use yarrow essential oil

7For Scar Reduction

Yarrow oil also has cicatrisant properties that have proven to contend with any top dollar anti-scarring and age reversal treatments on the market. It even works better than petroleum jelly when it comes to eliminating deep marks along your skin, especially those caused by boils, acne, or wounds. Left untreated, these issues can be quite uncomfortable to live with.

Many marks along the skin are the result of poor diets or immune system disorders. Unlike many other topical products, yarrow oil can cure the marks as well as help with the underlying causes. It can serve as your first line of defense when deciding to finally get healthy once and for all.

Yarrow essential oil is made through steam distillation of its parent flowers. It should really be no surprise to learn that people have been greatly drawn to yarrow throughout the years. The beauty of the flowers, in particular, is truly a marvel. Knowing that they also have the ability to create such a beneficial essential oil makes them remarkable indeed.

From everything you've read above to flavoring drinks as a hop substitute, the potential uses for yarrow are nearly innumerable. It has even been proven to reduce insomnia. When it comes to the essential oil, it's important to note that there are no current production standards. Anything with a higher concentration will be more potent; however, be sure to look for the chamazulene compound as well if you hope to use it to treat wounds. You'll be well served in most cases by the blue yarrow; even if you choose one of the yellow varieties, however, you should still be able to enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above.

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